Henry VIII: King and Court

by Alison Weir

rating: 4.3 (165 reviews)

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This magnificent biography of Henry VIII is set against the cultural, social and political background of his court - the most spectacular court ever seen in England - and the splendour of his many sumptuous palaces. An entertaining narrative packed with colourful description and a wealth of anecdotal evidence but also a comprehensive analytical study of the development of both monarch and court during a crucial period in English history. As well as challenging some recent theories, it offers controversial new conclusions based on contemporary evidence that has until now been overlooked. This is a triumph of historical writing which will appeal equally to the general listener and the serious historian.

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Henry VIII: King and Court
Men who served the King and gained his confidence could gain great power, but they could fall just as farHe had a big temper as well so everyone around him had to be careful about what they said or did in order to not incur his wrath.He was very fit and active until he started to have a recurring infection in his legs that would send him to bed for weeks on end and eventually took his lifeAnne Boleyn positioned herself as a paragon of virtue and moralitySometimes she would use a first name, sometimes a last This was quite interesting once I was 1/2 way inIt's an adage that a man can often be judged by the company he keeps25 (1): 4159The Last Divine Office: Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the MonasteriesRA definite 'must have' for the Tudor fanThe Royal Palaces of Tudor EnglandThe first several chapters dealt with the court and fashion and everything else, and so it seemed to me that the author expected her readers to have a more-than-passing acquaintance with things like architectural termsExecution of Anne BoleynBritish Library Publishing DivisionGuicciardini, Francesco (1968)In 1535, Henry added the "supremacy phrase" to the royal style, which became "Henry the Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of England and France, Defender of the Faith, Lord of Ireland and of the Church of England in Earth Supreme Head"ReformationWho was behind the Pilgrimage? Instinctive snobs among historians have seen an upper-class conspiracy leading the honest but ignorant massesLouis Homosexuality Windsor Report Anglican Communion Archbishop of Canterbury Anglican Communion Primates Meeting Lambeth Conferences Anglican Consultative Council Episcopal polity Supreme Governor of the Church of England Ordination of women Theology Trinity(Father Son Holy Spirit) Thirty-nine Articles Lambeth Quadrilateral Affirmation of StA good read, with a lot of new insightsHowever he did have massive flaws

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly In a succession of books on medieval and early modern monarchs, Weir has established her credentials as one of the most evocative of popular historiansEach role and position within the court, from the lowliest to the highest is described in intricate detailAlison Weir is a wonderful author.she could make a grocery list sound intriguingHow did this affect the day-to-day workings of the court and the King's advisors? How would you characterize the management style of the King? Would you say that Henry VIII was by nature a laissez-faire manager, or was he merely forced to become one because of his failing health? Why or why not? Weir portrays Henry as a man very much of control of things in his court, often playing factions against one anotherHenry VII, born when she was only thirteen, was her only child, and she had been utterly devoted to him 48a4f088c3

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